Re-homed 03/19/11. Olivia was rescued due to a divorce. When the wife left with the couple’s child Olivia was placed outside in a crate. After numerous warnings animal control authorities picked her up and gave us a call. While crated she was overfed and due to lack of exercise was severely overweight. Upon picking her up, Olivia’s new mom stopped by our General Meeting and we were thrilled to see our sweet new friend looking very happy. It was apparent they were quickly forming a strong bond and that Olivia knew she was on her way to a new home, a new loving pet person, and a new life. Olivia’s petmom followed up with the following note:

“Olivia is such a delight. She has the ability to make my heart smile. When she carries her stuffed toys around, she looks ridiculously funny. Needless to say, she has charmed us all into supplying her with quite a variety of stuffed toys. Her manners are worthy of mention, especially since she has been here only a short time. I take her to say hello to my parents at their Assisted Living, and Olivia is a favorite of many of the other residents. Olivia of course, soaks it up with great gusto and always manages a repeat invitation to visit again.”


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