Re-homed 12/09/2011. Weber was surrendered by a family who could no longer afford to keep him. He had been an outside dog his entire four years of life and we’re happy to report that he’s now an indoor dog happily living in a family with five children. Every night Weber gets to choose someone special to snuggle with! Here’s an update from his new pet parent:

“Weber has fit into our home beautifully! He is so much fun, and always by my side! If I or my husband are gone from the house even for an hour, he dances with joy and sings to us when we return to let us know he missed us. He loves to burrow in the pillows right after I make the bed in the morning! It’s so funny to watch this big dog lay on my pretty pillows!

He is learning how to walk on a leash and he helps me walk the kids to the bus stop. He is learning to not bark at EVERY stranger he sees, but we’re patient and I am sure he will come around. We are a hiking family and he just loves to go with us! He and our little yorkie, Winston, play to no end! Those two make quite a pair. Weber sleeps by my side of the bed and I have to be careful when I get up in the middle of the night not to step on him.

He is always happy and always ready to please. He has become used to being brushed every night and when he first came, I had to hand feed him because he wouldn’t eat. Having relaxed some he lays around on the floor and we just step over him. Even our 99 year old grandma tells friends that she and Weber have bonded! We are so glad he is now part of the Smith family!”

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