Stanley & Oly

Old English Sheepdog - Adult - Male
Adopted Large Has shotsHouse trainedSpayed/neutered

Update as of 2/6/15. Stanley & Oly have been adopted and are settling in to their new forever home. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in them!

Are you looking to double the furry love? Best buddies Stanley & Oly are looking for their forever home since their aging human can no longer care for them. They’re approximately 8 years old, very sweet, and waiting for someone to give them the love they deserve. Here’s what their foster mom has to say:

“They’re great dogs! Once someone meets them they will fall in love. Ollie is a little nervous around new people but he is a sweetheart once he warms up. Stanley is the class clown. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and he giggles the whole time!

Both Stanley and Oly walk on leash perfectly. We have been working on recall and other basic commands. Stanley has learned sit, stay and shake. Ollie learned stay and is working on sit. He’s very good at recall.

They participate in daily pack activities (that include the cat) and they have shown no aggression to any of the ducks, geese, chickens or goat. They love to be touched and groomed and they are very Sheepie when it comes to invading whatever space that I am in at every moment. They dislike being crated and sleep in the bedroom with the rest of the pack.”

As a bonded pair, our goal is to place them together in a loving environment. If you’re interested in adopting these two shaggy sweethearts, please visit our contact page to reach out. Stanley and Oly are waiting!

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