Adult - Female
Adopted Large


Molly from Idaho is looking for her new forever home due to illness in the family. She’s 6 years old, a very sweet Old English Sheepdog, eager to please, loves praise and attention and being close to others.

According to her family, she’s also good with kids, having been raised around numerous grandchildren.

Molly’s lived with other dogs and cats and understands has basic commands. She currently lives in Idaho and our hope is to find her forever home very soon.

If you’re interested in adopting Molly, we’re here to help! To get started, please visit our partner organization, the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue forms page and review the Adoption FAQs.

Click the online adoption form and locate us from the list of Breed Representatives. Complete the contact form with as much information as you can supply and our Adoption Coordinator will reach out as quickly as possible.

Not ready to adopt? Please share this post with other Old English Sheepdog friends! We’d love hear from anyone who is looking to share a home full of love with this sweet girl.


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