Old English Sheepdog - Adult - Female
Adopted Large Has shotsHouse trainedSpayed/neutered

4/28/14: Lily is so loved!! Her new family keeps us in the loop on her adventures which now include hiking and playing in the snow.

Lucky Lily! When Lily came into our radar we knew right away that we had the perfect home for her. A previous adopter (see Sassy) was waiting patiently for a new Old English Sheepdog to adore, and Lily arrived on her birthday! It’s a match made in heaven.

Lily wasted no time fitting in to her new family. She loves carpooling with the kids, snuggling, and playing, playing, playing! She takes her job as nanny very seriously, making sure the kids are properly tucked in and well loved up with doggies kisses at bedtime.

More photos and updates to come. Yay for Lily!

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