Rags aka Sir Cheswick

Old English Sheepdog - Adult - Male

Rags is a true rags to riches story. Rescued at 5-1/2 years old, he had spent his previous 3 years on a tether. He found his forever home with two fabulous humans and one canine buddy, Charlie. Renamed Sir Cheswick, he’s blossomed in their care and now enjoys life on 21 acres with a fenced yard and another 120 acres of forest to play in.

Sir Cheswick thinks his new life is pretty amazing. And what a lucky boy he is. His new pet parents have fostered or provided permanent care for a variety of more than 100 animals over the last 10 years. They have also worked with their local Humane Society.

Sir Cheswick is one of three OES they’ve lived with and loved over the last 25 years. As of August 2013, they’ve welcomed Habebe into their home and we look forward to hearing how she is adjusting to her new life.



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