Old English Sheepdog - Young - Female

Re-homed 07/24/11. Pim became available for rescue at 11 months of age when her owners decided they weren’t giving her enough attention due to their work schedules. She was shaved down because she was matted, hence her goofy photos. Due to her sweet nature we were quickly able to find her a super forever home with active and loving new petparents. Here’s what they have to say:

“In her photo, the great flopping ears shot, she is playing fetch in our neighborhood park. It is our favorite activity to do after work to get lots of puppy energy out.  When we first got her she would only fetch from about 30 feet. Now we use the flinger to toss it as far as we can. We also discovered early on that she loves water. She spent a lot of time camping with us this summer and had to get wet in every body of water.

Pim is best buddies with Josie, my 3-year-old niece. But since they are both always on the move constantly following each other around in circles, it is nearly impossible to snap a good photo.  Josie tells anyone who will listen about how much she loves her “Pim-a-lim.”  Overall, Pim has been the perfect addition to our house – loved and spoiled by all.”

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