Old English Sheepdog mix - Adult - Male

Re-homed 12/23/11. Our dear Mason was already part of our sheepdog family when he was originally re-homed at about 15 months old. While he had a happy home for several years, circumstances brought him up for adoption toward the end of 2011. He’s a very, very bright boy and everyone who works with Mason falls in love with him. After settling in, Mason’s new pet parent sent us the following note:

“We rescued Mason the day before Christmas Eve. He is the best Christmas present for our family. He fit right in from the start. He is a younger brother to Montana who we rescued through you 11 years ago and while Montana is enjoying his golden years resting and going for rides, Mason has a playmate in our little Frodo who is a rescue mutt about 1/4 his size. They all hang out together like it has always been so. Mason really wanted to chase the two cats but I told him ‘NO MASON – NO CHASING CATS.’  He looked at me, looked at the cats, and decided not to chase them (although he really wanted to!). Mason spends his days hanging with our family which consists of two teenagers, myself and my partner, and two other dogs and two cats. It is the perfect family. We are looking forward to our annual beach vacation where we rent a little house on the Oregon Coast and the dogs get to romp endlessly on the beach (cats stay home).

Thank you OES rescue for letting Mason enter our home. We keep telling him that this is it, he will never leave, this is his forever home and we will spoil him endlessly. We know he is expecting to leave but hopefully, with time, that will go away and he will know he is home for good.”



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