Old English Sheepdog - Adult - Male

Re-homed 02/03/11. Higgins was our 2011 poster dog. He was rescued along with his friend Cooper when their owner became too ill to care for them. Their neglect eventually involved action by the police, who gave the owner the choice to surrender them or face criminal charges. Both dogs had been kenneled for several months without attention to any of their needs.

Higgins was in terrible condition when we received him in rescue. His coat was thoroughly matted and packed with feces and fleas. When we shaved him down, we found a severely emaciated and badly treated Old English Sheepdog. He weighed barely 40 pounds and surely would not have lasted much longer in his condition. Through a monumental effort by our volunteers, Higgins is now healthy and enjoying a new life with his very loving pet parents. With their help, Higgins chose to give his own report on his happiness:

“Higgins signing in. It has almost been a year to the day since arriving at my “Forever Home”. This is my home and I know it. I have made so many changes in a year. To be honest, I never thought I could be so good. I no longer growl when food is presented in front of me. I know it is my food and they will not take it away from me. I am used to all the noise that I was once afraid of. I no longer bark at my echo or at the tugs and boats that go zooming through the inlet. I love chasing them back and forth along side of the sea wall and am happy to report I have not fallen in since the first episode.

I get groomed every 6 weeks. The ladies there love me. Everyone runs back to see me when they hear I have entered the store. I love being fussed over. But what I love the most is knowing that Gail and Bob will be back soon to take me home. It had been so long since I felt this loved, I really forgot what love was. Trust me when I say “Thank You” to everyone in the rescue group who fought for me, took care of me, and for finding me the most perfect “Forever Home a male could ask for. Until we meet again, many slobbery kisses coming your way. ”

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