Re-homed 11/01/11. Upon rescue, our hearts collectively went out to Duff who had been severely abused and was in at least his third home. An OES mix, we discovered that he bonds easily and we found a great forever home for him. We soon heard from Duff’s new mom,  who sent us the following letter:

“We had a great holiday. Part of the joy was to have Duff with us. He is a wonderful dog. I don’t know how Duff does it, but he has kept his sweet, loving disposition in spite of having had such a harsh history. Duff grew up so severely confined that it permanently scarred his elbows and limited his joint mobility. To make up for the past, we have now assigned him a nice soft couch in the house, and he loves to sleep there. Come to think of it, he loves to sleep everywhere. He also loves walks; he jumps for joy when we even touch his walking harness. He also loves car rides, carrots, cookies and chamomile tea. And we love him.

Duff’s resolution for this New Year is to go back to school and do some basic obedience training. He learns very fast and is sure to be a star pupil. When he is reliably responsive off leash, we will join Camp Charlie. Duff thinks that is heaven on earth for dogs, but really, it’s a large field with a river running through it, where dogs can spend hours romping around with their people and other dogs. I am looking forward to Duff keeping his resolutions.

Duff now lives with a retired mathematician and a college professor who hopes she will soon retire too and be able to spend more time at home and walking the dog. Duff also lives with three cats who like to jump over his nose and sleep on his chew toys, but he does not seem to mind too much. He has been a perfect gentleman since his arrival here last November. The only mischief he has ever gotten into is stealing and chomping on a stick of lip balm, probably because it smelled like bubble gum. He is a nice, peaceful dog for a nice, peaceful home and we hope and intend to have him with us forever. You and OESROWS have made our season the coziest and happiest one possible. Thanks to all of you with warm hearts and room in them for the dogs and those of us who love them.”


Hello Suzi and friends:
I am writing to let you know that the lovely Duff passed away, suddenly, in the middle of the night. We are so sad he is gone. He would have wanted to say thanks to you one last time. And I am still blessing you.



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