Re-homed 02/13/11. Cooper and his friend Higgins were rescued from a home in Idaho where their owner had become ill and stopped caring for them. Their living situation had deteriorated into a case of severe neglect, terrible enough to involve the police. The owner was given a choice to surrender the dogs or face criminal charges, and we soon received them in our care. Cooper and Higgins had been kenneled around the clock, ill-fed, and given no attention or grooming. A monumental effort by our President, Suzi Sacha, and many others helped to rehabilitate Cooper and Higgens, and here’s what Cooper’s new pet parent has to say:

“We rescued Cooper, now aged 7, in February, 2011. We are a family of 5 now; myself, husband Mike, Cooper and our other OES, Ceilidh, aged 3, and our 19 year old cat, Puka.  Cooper and Ceilidh bonded right away, and play together like puppies, which surprised us, given Cooper’s age. They behave much like a brother and sister. Cooper watches and copies Ceilidh, but also likes to tease her, and both of them make sure they get an equal amount of our attention and treats.

Going for walks was a new experience for Cooper. At first, he was glued to my legs, so that I was constantly tripping over him. Now, he is very comfortable in the woods, running behind Ceilidh, chasing squirrels, and meeting and greeting other people and dogs on the trail. He has also learned about toys, eventually laying claim to some favorites, and luckily, Ceilidh does not seem to mind sharing. Cooper is very loving and affectionate with friends and visitors, and he likes to play with other dogs. In short, he is a joy to have, and has fit in to his new home from the start.”


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