Major rescue: 25 dogs rescued from a puppy mill, including a pregnant female. We need your donations to help to support this effort!

In an extraordinary effort by our volunteers and many tremendously big-hearted adoptive families, we’ve successfully shut down an Old English Sheepdog puppy mill and re-homed 25 dogs in dire need of care. Most of the rescues were puppies under the age of 1, however, we were also able to remove & rehome several adult dogs as well. Unbeknownst to us, one of the adult females was pregnant and gave birth after being rehomed.

Rescue timeline: On January 25th, 2020 OESROWS rescued 8 dogs from a backyard breeder/puppy mill in Mason County Washington. Those 8 dogs, 3 girls, and 5 boys all were intact and had medical issues ranging from worms, flea infestations, crystals in the urine and UTIs, and were all placed in forever homes. To make matters worse, a couple of weeks after the rescue we found out one of the young females was pregnant. 

On March 6, 2020, we again went to the same residence and rescued 17 more dogs and puppies. This time there was one adult female, 1 adult male, and a 13-month-old female as well. All were intact. We also rescued 2 litters, 7 born on Nov 2, 2019, and 7 born on December 29, 2019. There were originally 10 puppies in this litter but 3 starved to death before we got there to save them.

They were all living in deplorable conditions. The 9.5-week olds had not been weaned and their mother was flea-infested and anemic. These puppies all weighed under 5 pounds. We also spayed /neutered their remaining dogs so this would not happen again. The dogs that remained in their care were done so since they were unplaceable by rescue due to aggression/biting issues. 

Our NEED: The total impact of rescuing 25 dogs in a 3-week time frame has been devastating to our rescue funds and has/will cost OESROWS over $14,500 (not counting the pregnant bitch and her puppies). We also paid for the spay/neuter of the 4 dogs the Backyard Breeder/Puppy Mill kept as we would have no choice but euthanize all of them for biting issues.

All the dogs/bitches received into rescue were intact and we will still need to pay for all 25 of them to be spayed/neutered and the expenses of the additional pregnancy (Ziva). Eight puppies were born March 17th, 2020, however sadly, one was stillborn. Since we didn’t know at the time we got her she was pregnant, she was dewormed and given all her shots which can be devastating for the unborn puppies, so we are unsure how many live puppies she’d deliver.

Ziva’s owner is referring to them as The Seven Dwarfs with the smallest one born at 1 pound. Although we were surprised by Ziva’s pregnancy we were glad they were not born in the horrid conditions where she had come from. 

We’ll post pictures soon, but in the meantime, we need your help! As mentioned, the costs for this rescue have been extraordinary and difficult for a small non-profit to cover. PLEASE click the DONATE button now and do what you can to help. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of funds go to helping the dogs.

With gratitude to all who’ve helped improve the lives of our rescues~
Wiggles, woofs, and love
The Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Washington State

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