Shelter Share: Bliss needs a special home!

Bliss is looking for her special forever home.

Bliss is looking for her special forever home.

One of our volunteers spotted this girl at the Utah Valley Humane Society and we’d love to help them find Bliss her perfect forever home. Since she is located in Utah we’re reaching out to all of you for help spreading the word about her. Here is what the shelter has to say about Bliss:


The Mischievous Mutt program is HSU”s initiative to successfully place dogs with some behavioral challenges. This program allows us to place these dogs for adoption although they may require a little extra training & patience to help them become the best canine companions they can be. They are not bad dogs but need a special type of family to ensure they will thrive in their new home.
What makes this dog a Mischievous Mutt?

Bliss is a young Sheepdog who is true to her breed. She has a clownish energy &a loving disposition. However, with that comes a strong herding instinct & a tendency to guard/protect her food & property. Because of this she will not do well in a home with kids under 13, small dogs or cats. She will need a family who understands the breed & is willing to help modify her behavior guarding food. Resource guarding is typically a very easy behavior to correct & we are happy to tell you how it is best done. Our staff has already begun working with her on this issue.
What is recommended to make this adoption successful?

Formal training is strongly recommended. There are many trainers to choose from. We recommend doing your homework to find a trainer who uses positive training methods & has previous experience training dogs with similar behaviors as the dog you”re adopting. Go to for more info!

Ample mental stimulation (training) & exercise daily are a must. Bliss is a very active girl & will require an active family to best fit her needs. Bliss is already housebroken, but will benefit from proper crate training.

We are here to help you succeed! Our behavior staff is here to support you with Bliss. A behavior consultation can be done if you are interested in adopting her. If you have another dog at home, you will need to bring them in for an introduction. We will assist you in introducing them & provide feedback based on their interactions. This is required & if a behavior staff member is not available, you will need to make an appointment. (This is typically the case on weekends & between 4-7 pm during the week.) The behavior staff will also follow-up with you after adoption to see how things are going & answer any questions you may have.
If you find you are in need of additional support at any time after adoption, please contact us for advice or other resources. You can email our behavior staff at or call 801-506-2417.

Bliss is 1 year 6 months.

Please contact the Utah Valley Humane Society directly about Bliss. They can be reached at: 801.261.2919. Let’s help them find Bliss her new home!

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