Adopted Mix Has shotsHouse trainedSpayed/neutered

Jessminda (Jess) came to us at about 5.5 years old, with her friend Khan. Her dark coloring and tail indicated some non-Old English Sheepdog relatives in her past.

Jess was basically healthy, but had some joint discomfort from neglect and possible abuse. We decided that she would be the perfect companion for someone less active.

She is now happy in her forever home, enjoying a leisurely life full of love.

UPDATE on Rescue Jessminda aka Jessie from her new family.
Hi, I thought I would just send a little update about sweet Jessie who we adopted in January 2013. Thank you for all you do to help loving dogs like her!


Jessminda, Jess, Jessie, Jessie Lu, June Bug, Flopsy Mopsy… Fuzz Wuzz, whatever you call her she is a giant love. We adopted Jessie in January 2013. She is so gentle and sweet. Of course she came with some issues (who wouldn’t with what she’d been through), but her trust and gentleness with people in spite of her past never ceases to amaze me.

Whenever I take her to work (which is quite often since we are still working on the separation anxiety issue) everyone falls in love with her. They have nicknamed her the travelling rug! Jessie is unbelievably good and quiet in the offices and has become such a great travelling companion for me on those long work days.

And, she is so gentle that I can take her to my mom’s for visits even though she’s almost as big as my mom! Mom is 94, 5’ tall and has advanced dementia. Mom can’t remember she’s met Jessie before so every visit is new and wonderful. Mom just loves Jessie to pieces.

Jessie has taken to every dog bed in our house and every bone too. She found the bone/toy basket within moments of coming home with us the 1st day! WOW, I thought, she’s home. With every day that passes, we see more and more that she knows this is her home and we see a happiness and peace shining from her that wasn’t there before.

With the help of a wonderful naturopathic vet, her physical issues are diminishing quickly. Long walks are no longer too much for her… though her one day a week at dog daycare seems to catch up with her young old bones once in awhile. Now if there were just a magic potion for puppy love… our other dog has yet to fall in love with her like we have. We are hoping for that some day.

We are so happy to be able to say that Jessie will live out the rest of her life in comfort, happiness and surrounded by love.

Thank you for rescuing her and thank you for picking us to be her guardians. Linetta, Jeff and Titus too!


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